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Astro-Cartography Guidance: (Virtual)

Astro-Cartography Guidance: (Virtual)

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Are you looking to make a big change in your life? Or possibly wondering where the best place you to travel based on astrology would be? Then this is the reading for you. In this reading we will use your birth chart laid over a map showing you were the best place to live, work, find love, gain more spiritual insight, and expand yourself.

Conversely, we will also discover where you may face the most challenges in a specific area of the world and what area may be holding you back. You will be able to use this reading to help plan your next big move, vacation, or where you may find the love of your life, or your life’s purpose.

After booking, please provide your entire birthdate, exact time of birth, and location of birth (city/state).

Session lasts approximately 1 hour - $80.00 USD.
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