Cosmic Kundalini

Welcome to the Magical realm of Cosmic Kundalini. I invite you to tap into your unlimited inner power while being guided intuitively by the stars as well as the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga. We embrace both the light and dark, because without the darkness we lose the vastness of duality. By honoring our darkness, we allow our inner light to shine bright. Allow me to guide you into the darkest corners of your psyche while allowing you to overcome trauma, gain a stronger nervous system, strengthen your relationships, effortlessly attract prosperity and abundance, and live your life based on your energetic blueprint. Together we will go DEEP and unlock the hidden potential within yourself. Join me on this transformational journey as we walk through the cosmos together. Your highest self is awaiting you on the other side.

Meet Your Guide

Allie is a multifaceted individual who has always been drawn to a person’s imprinted energy.  As most, Allie endured trauma throughout her adolescent life which led her to eastern modalities.  Since 2013, Allie has been actively participating in on-going trainings to broaden her knowledge and skillset to share with her students.  Allie is a 500 RYT with an additional 200 hours of specialized training in Kundalini Yoga.  

Allie is also a Reiki Master and crystal healer, combining energy work and vibrational remedies to balance the body’s energies.  In addition, Allie is a Western Hellenistic Astrologer specializing in Planetary Herbalism, Astro-Cartography, and Natal Birth chart readings.  She believes in working with a client's imprinted energy through their natal birth chart to spot any potential ailments and treat her clients with herbal remedies to promote physical and energetic balance. Allie's holistic approach blends elements of yoga, astrology, energy healing, and herbalism to support her clients on their spiritual journey. Her teachings aim to empower students to connect with their inner wisdom and live a more conscious life.

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