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January: Clearing your Karmic Debts

January: Clearing your Karmic Debts

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In this transformative Kundalini class, we will delve into the profound practice of clearing karmic debts.  Through a combination of breathwork, mantra meditation, and powerful Kundalini kriyas, we will work to release the energetic imprints of past actions and thoughts.  By embracing the power of Kundalini energy, we will create space for healing and liberation from the chains of karmic debts.  This class offers a sacred opportunity to embark on a journey of self-transformation and embrace a fresh start in life.  Join me as we harness the power of Kundalini to clear karmic debts and cultivate inner freedom.


  • Daily Livestreams
  • Evening meditations once a week
  • Weekly workshops
  • Daily inspiration
  • Community support and accountability
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