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February: Staying grounded in the heat of the moment

February: Staying grounded in the heat of the moment

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Unleash your inner fire and learn how to stay grounded in the heat of moment.  This class is all about harnessing the fiery energy of Kundalini Yoga to tackle anger head-on.  Get ready to ignite your inner power and transform anger into persona empowerment!  We’ll dive into intense kriyas that will shake up your energy, release pent-up frustration, and unleash your hidden potential.  Through dynamic movements, powerful breathwork, and chanting sacred mantras, you’ll tap into the depths of your being to find peace amidst the flames.  This class is not for the faint-hearted but for those who dare to embrace their anger and transmute it into a force for positive change.  Get ready to set your spirit ablaze!


  • Daily Livestreams
  • Evening meditations once a week
  • Weekly workshops
  • Daily inspiration
  • Community support and accountability


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